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Express| cuticle, nail trim, lotion and polish $25

Spa| the express package with exfoliating sugar scrub $30

Essence| the spa package with creamy mask & paraffin wax $45

Gel manicure| the express package with choice of gel polish $40
Gel polish w/o manicure| $33

Dipping powder| 
Dipping w/ manicure| $55

Dipping powder ombre| 

French| $7
Hand polish Change| $15
Dip/Gel Removal| $15

Paraffin add-on| $10
Trim nails| $10
Extended tips| $10


Spa| cuticle, nail trim, buff, callus treatment, lotion and choice of polish $40

Essence| the spa package w/ exfoliating sugar scrub & mask with hot towel $50

Jelly| 5 steps of essential clean up...
includes our fluffy gelatin that helps retain your water temperature to help relieve stress, achy muscles, and remove excessive callus 

Pamper Me| escape and get away in relaxation...Your choice of the pearl or honey green tea spa, relaxing massage, paraffin wax and after care cream to take home. $80

Gel polish w/o pedicure| $35
Gel add-on| $20
Toe Polish Change| $18
Gel Removal w/o pedi| $15
French add-on | $7
Paraffin add-on| $10
Trim toe nails| $12


Additional Services

Children (Ages 2-10)

Hand polish| $9
Toe polish| $12

Manicure| $16
Pedicure| $28
Mani/Pedi Combo| $40

Gel polish| $25


Eyebrows $15
Lip $10
Top Chin $8
Under Chin $15+
Whole Face (excluding eyebrow, lip and chin area) $33+

   + additional cost may apply depending on design or length

Nail Enhancements

Pink & White full-set| $60
Pink & White balance| $55
Pink balance| $40

Pink solar full-set| $50

Full Set w/ gel| $60

Balance w/ gel| $50
Full Set| $45
Balance| $35

Ombre full-set| $70
Ombre balance| $60
Ombre pink-balance| $45

Color powder full-set| $60
Color powder balance| $45

Repair with balance| $5+
Repair w/o balance| $7+
Specialty Shape| $7
Length| $7
Acrylic Removal w/o service| $15
Nail Art| *varies on designs*

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